What is forcing large companies to invest in Bitcoin now

As cryptocurrencies increasingly become mainstream, more and more analytical publications are being recorded, which indicate that institutional investors, as well as large companies, own and acquire Bitcoins.

According to a study by the London-based company Nickel Digital, there are now more than 20 companies that have invested more than six billion USD in bitcoin. analysts of this company found out that seven such companies bought bitcoins 2 years ago, and the remaining ones did it this year.

Why do large funds and companies acquire cryptocurrency? According to the experts of this London-based company, this is largely a forced policy. One of the main reasons is the action of many central banks. Their monetary policy is such that it leads to the depreciation of the fiat currencies in which they previously invested their funds.

Of course, bitcoin is a high-risk asset, and recent events in the crypto market have shown all this once again. However, this does not frighten large companies and funds to invest in it. Apparently, they believe that the risks are quite acceptable and bitcoin will not fall below a certain mark.

Another reason for this behavior is that bitcoin itself, or rather its monetary policy, is completely clear and transparent. The emission is equal to 21 million, the emission is reduced. No one will release new bitcoins to the market, and in this regard, it is more predictable than fiat currencies or other crypto assets.

According to analysts, this leads to the fact that bitcoin is perceived as a system that is not just predictable, but also profitable for investment. The big companies were also pushed to such actions by the fact that too much stuffing of fiats leads to the fact that they devalue even more, and there are no guarantees that this process will slow down.

The inflationary policies of the Fed and other central banks are forcing large companies to look for other assets, in particular bitcoin, as an alternative to fiat. As they include bitcoin in their investment portfolios, this further builds trust in it, and other financial market players join them.

If this trend continues, it may lead to the fact that the volatility of bitcoin will sharply decrease and it will no longer depend on the statements of individuals, such as Elon Musk. Experts predict that the number of large companies that will purchase bitcoin for their portfolios may grow by 3 times.

This will serve as an impetus for an even greater introduction of the leading cryptocurrency asset into the global financial system. Perhaps bitcoin will become the digital gold, as many crypto-enthusiasts assume. But most likely this process will last for several years. In addition, do not forget that many states are introducing their own digital coins, and will pursue a policy of deterring cryptocurrencies.

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