But what is a fan token really, and what non-standard interaction concepts does it offer to sports fans?

A fan token, also known as a fan interaction token, is a service token that serves for fans to access new features, products, exclusive promotions or events in the entertainment and sports industry. Take, for example, football teams.

Fan tokens offered by some of the largest clubs in the world allow fans to participate in some decisions made by the team. This may include such minor things as voting for the design of the team’s T-shirt, the participation of players in certain games, and other issues related to the team.

Some football groups also use fan tokens to give their fans the opportunity to unlock VIP rewards, such as meeting and with their favorite player, luxury seats in the box at the game and other fan-related membership privileges. The more fan tokens you have, the more chances you have to get special awards and the right to vote for the team.

Owning these digital assets also allows you to access the team’s exclusive memorabilia and exchange your tokens for them. The cost of such rare and unique collectible items can increase dramatically over time. And when that happens, only those fans and collectors who have access to the memorabilia will get a chance to get them.

Simply put, fan tokens open up a whole new level of interaction and entertainment for fans.

Are they worth paying attention to?

Like the value of many cryptocurrencies, the prices of fan tokens can rise and fall depending on supply and demand. Some football fans who have these assets also mentioned that the value of fan tokens is affected by movements or actions in the team. This may include registering new players, changing management, and performing in the league.

In this case, it will help a lot to study which team to support. Since the fluctuations in the price of fan tokens are mainly influenced by the emotions and involvement of fans, some fans of cryptocurrency and football consider fan tokens as a status symbol or an indicator of loyalty, and not as a long-term investment plan.

On the other hand, fan tokens have undoubtedly opened up a new opportunity for football fans to express their loyalty and support for their favorite teams. They also make teams much closer to their fans, and therefore it is not surprising, this craze immediately swept the football world.

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