Project Liberty blockchain project: connects the blockchain and social network protocols

Frank McCourt, a well-known billionaire, has invested tens of millions of dollars in a blockchain project called Project Liberty. The goal of creating such a project is to connect the blockchain and connect the social network protocol to it. According to the billionaire, such a project will be able to make it so that none of the existing social networks will no longer be able to control user data. Each of them gets access to the blockchain technology, and can also redirect records between applications.

Due to such project, competition in the social media segment will increase, and they will be forced to adapt even more to the needs of customers. No social media will be able to hold a monopoly position and dictate terms. Users of social media have the opportunity to use the functionality of applications running on the blockchain more widely.

As McCourt points out, he has invested almost $ 100 million in the blockchain project, and believes that it is necessary to change the current state of affairs in the market. Due to the project being developed, all users will be able to fully control the information in social networks.

A decentralized social network will be created on the basis of the project. In this protocol, all information related to users will be stored in the network protocol. Due to its functionality, customers will then be able to transfer information to a variety of applications.

The billionaire believes that the new decentralized network based on the blockchain will help other social networks and platforms to attract new customers, without turning to large social networks. In addition, the blockchain project has an ambitious goal — to push such well-known platforms as TikTok and others. McCourt points out that its development will attract more and more users who are already tired of being dependent on social media policies.

Therefore, he expects that as the blockchain project is put into operation, more and more customers from other social platforms will switch to it. Then they will have to change their policy towards their customers, making it more loyal.

How much the Project Liberty blockchain project will be in demand will become clear after its final commissioning. In addition to McCourt, other investors have also put their money in the project. In any case, the blockchain will be implemented in social networks and they will have to change their structure to be in demand among users. In addition, the blockchain will manage to ensure the security of user data in social networks.

The Project Liberty blockchain project can become a new trend in the development of social networks and offer them many new opportunities to use.

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