Price of Ethereum (ETH), 22.06.2021

At the moment, the exchange rate of Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) is $1964. Over the past day, the value of the asset has decreased by 8.9%, and within seven days, the price of ETH fell by more than 23%. Ethereum has fallen below the psychological barrier of $200,0 and, according to analysts, entered a stable bearish trend. How long it will last, it is difficult to say.

Now almost all the leading cryptocurrencies are in the red zone, as there is almost no positive news. The authorities of the PRC and the United States are exerting strong pressure on cryptocurrencies, in particular on BTC, and this is also reflected in Ethereum.

Whether the cryptocurrency will be able to break the $2,000 threshold in the next few weeks is unknown. However, according to A. Deev, a bullish trend is still inevitable, although it would be rash to call it powerful and long-lasting.

Much will depend on the overall situation in the cryptocurrency market and the news. As experts claim, Ethereum can fall below $1,800, and if this happens, then perhaps investors will massively begin to move to other assets.

We continue to monitor the dynamics of the ETH cryptocurrency exchange rate and the general situation on the cryptocurrency market.

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