Pantera Capital Analysis: Ethereum to Skyrocket after the Merge

3 min readAug 30, 2022


The first part of the data, which we will consider later, is data on the steps already taken by the Fed. We face rates that are still much lower than inflation, and therefore we will not be able to take it under control. This situation makes Pantera Capital specialists think that there will actually be a need for further rate increases, which was also confirmed by Jerome Powell just the other day, and which contributed, even at the announcement stage, to the collapse of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Based on this assumption, Pantera Capital experts have begun to analyze what the future of Ethereum may be, at least in the short and medium term, with some very interesting angles.

Pantera Capital Angles

Increasing resilience

This is the first point that the intoxicated ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) Wall Street continues to insist on. When we talk about sustainability, we obviously mean the environmental impact of the functioning of the entire Ethereum ecosystem. Thus, we are talking about mining consumption, which will not need to worry about and which, at least, can make Ethereum more attractive to large investors than Bitcoin.

The optimistic analysis also concerns the cryptocurrency market as a whole, at least in this regard, since, according to , about 60 percent of the market capitalization will depend on networks that do not use intensive energy consumption to operate. This is also a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. As the markets respond to ESG issues, Ethereum will increasingly match them and therefore become more attractive. And this is the first aspect that can give ETH a bullish boost.

2. Deflationary Ethereum

This is exactly what it should become, according to the analysis of Pantera Capital, after the merge, due to a significant reduction in the issue of coins. This, too, for obvious reasons related to the law of supply and demand, will have a positive impact on the price.

According to Pantera Capital and many analysts outside this group, this is an interesting step that we advise everyone to take into account on this not the most joyful day for the markets, when Ethereum is only at the level of 1,500.

So many questions, and almost only one way to solve them

Rather, there is almost only one way for all or most of the large groups involved in cryptocurrencies and investments in this sector. We really like this merger, in particular, because of the problems that, in our opinion, Pantera Capital correctly pointed out.

Issues that the market has already discounted? It is difficult to say now, while the market is still dominated by macroeconomic issues of great importance. This issue will have to continue to be watched, although this preliminary enthusiasm, perhaps even unnecessary, promises success for those who have taken a long position and will hold it at least until the merger.



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