MILC blockchain platform is changing the global media market

Blockchain technology has already brought changes to many sectors in the economy, from logistics to healthcare. Blockchain continues to influence business in all its manifestations, making it more profitable for companies and more accessible to customers.

One of the areas where the introduction of blockchain has also begun is the media industry. Many companies began to use the capabilities of the blockchain to eliminate numerous problems in this area, from copyright violations to poor-quality organization of concerts. Such a platform as MILC, created by a company from Germany, can cope with these issues.

As the developers of the platform point out, their project is exclusive, and is aimed at completely changing the global media industry. The platform is going to do this in the following way: to provide a market where each creator of his content, as well as his consumer, will be able to get full access to a particular resource. They will be able to create, share, sell, and get a license for content. In general, MILC plans to create a fully functional media market.

We can say that MILC eliminates the existing barrier between content consumers and its developers, between those who buy and those who sell it. According to the creators of the platform, this will reduce the significant costs of production and obtaining licenses for content.

In addition, this should reduce the risks of including scammers in the creation and subsequent distribution process. According to the CEO of the platform, Hendrik Hay, their platform will be able to offer an infrastructure that connects both users, developers, and content licensors. No one has managed to do this yet.

Also, the platform has its own MLT token, it is designed not only to pay for content, but also to get licenses for it with it, and so on.

Users will be able to count on the fact that they will be paid a token as a reward for taking an active part on the platform. As the representatives of the platform indicate, users who own tokens will also be able to count on additional percentages of profit.

It is worth noting that the above platform is not the only one in this area. Another blockchain project, Steemit, works in a similar way. It has already registered more than a million customers, and they can also receive rewards for the development and transmission of media content.

Therefore, we should expect increased competition between similar platforms created on the basis of the blockchain. Everyone benefits from this, both content consumers and its developers.

According to MILC, they will be able to solve the problems that have existed for a long time with the licensing of content and its legal distribution. Additionally, participants can earn money on this by becoming owners of the MLT token.

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