Blockchain helps to prevent climate changes

Changes in climate around the planet have become on of the hottest topics being discussed, especially considering that measures taken to fight this problem appeared to be ineffective. As a leading technology, blockchain may offer a brand new approach and solution to this issue.

This was discussed at the UN meeting last week, and some of the participants named blockchain as a possible way to prevent climate changes. Even now, when the world economy is facing a crisis, the amount of harmful emissions hasn’t reduced. Instead, they only have a tendency to grow.
Thus, the UN believes that blockchain may help in both controlling the emission of greenhouse gases in various countries and in creating projects that will make working with energy resources more transparent and environmentally friendly.
The issue has attracted the UN officials attention as people are consuming more and more energy around the world, and the emissions that go straight to our atmosphere are, for the most part, pollutive.
One of the results of the discussion was the the UN called on companies and major players of the industry to study blockchain as a tool to solve this issue and offer more eco-friendly projects.

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