The September 13 proposal, which adds goods, currency and digital assets to the “fictitious sale” rule, is included in a $2 trillion tax increase.

This suggests that the new addition closes a loophole used by some crypto investors. This loophole helps investors get around capital gains tax when they sell at a loss. To do this, they must wait 30 days before buying back the shares, or make an equivalent investment, otherwise it will be a “fictitious sale”, which is not considered a deduction from capital gains.

In addition, according to the tax Service (IRS), cryptocurrency is currently considered property…

Despite the fact that decentralized financing successfully eliminates intermediaries from the equation, the industry still has something to work on. Although the current total value locked in Ethereum DeFi is $100 billion, this is just a stepping stone, but it is still extremely important to serve people outside the world of cryptocurrencies.

In its current form, decentralized financing is intended mainly for those who understand cryptocurrency and blockchain. The average man in the street has no idea about these concepts, let alone show interest in exploring new opportunities.

In order to reach a wide distribution, DeFi lending must undergo drastic…

Indeed, what was supposed to be a strong driver of the crypto market turned out to be a big obstacle for investors. The government of El Salvador has encountered a number of technical problems with the preloaded Chivo bitcoin wallet.

This wallet was preloaded with $30 in Bitcoins for each citizen of El Salvador who registered to use the wallet. Not only did about 70% of the country’s residents oppose this approach to a decentralized asset, investors did not seem to like the fact that the wallet was disabled shortly after launch.

And it was disabled for a banal reason…

But what is a fan token really, and what non-standard interaction concepts does it offer to sports fans?

A fan token, also known as a fan interaction token, is a service token that serves for fans to access new features, products, exclusive promotions or events in the entertainment and sports industry. Take, for example, football teams.

Fan tokens offered by some of the largest clubs in the world allow fans to participate in some decisions made by the team. …

At first glance, this is an event that many have been waiting for. This is the day when PayPal starts offering storage, purchase and sale of four major cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom, after a pilot project in the United States that began last year.

A few months ago, when PayPal and Visa invested in Blockchain Capital with a total investment value of $ 300 million, it became clear that the company was making great progress in the cryptocurrency.

This particular investment, along with its pilot project in the US, was a sure sign that PayPal, which, interestingly, was founded…

No one can stop the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Anyone who tries to stop them will be bribed, bought with guts, or simply destroyed. Startups, governments or any other organizations-everything is in their hands.

● Microsoft recently patented the “registry-independent token service”, a platform technology that simplifies the creation of tokens in a network of distributed registries. And, if you remember, Microsoft also previously patented a technology that uses data on body activity for cryptocurrency mining.

● Coinbase has patented a technology that uses email for transactions with Bitcoin.

● IBM has patented a token self-awareness…

According to the official document, the creators believe that Smart BCH “will provide the same benefits as ETH 2.0, but in a much shorter time”. Such optimism is commendable, but it is necessary to take a little look at the situation. Yes, BCH is a great cryptocurrency with a low transaction fee and a good market capitalization. This is a fairly useful coin that is traded on WallBTC and other popular crypto exchanges, but it seems that its main value is associated with its use as a digital form of electronic money. …

Tether is controversial because it is a stablecoin, and stablecoins are a completely new type of payment instrument. Tether has $62 billion in circulation and is also the largest stablecoin. In addition, Tetрer has a bright and ambiguous past, including recently he was fined by the Attorney General of New York. It is reported that the company is also under investigation by the US Department of Justice on charges of lying to banks.

Since Tether was already under the microscope, the apparent lack of information on the Tether pie chart only caused new controversies. The next Tether pie chart will…

The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is far beyond the $2 trillion line as patience pays off Today, the crypto space can withstand not only the stress test of Elon Musk, but also what happened in May of this year, when almost $1 trillion were erased from the value of five cryptocurrencies.

Mass involvement occurred back in May, in the equivalent of digital assets from the time of the gold rush. A large number of analytical and educated people switched to cryptocurrency when it fell, calmly believing that it would grow again.

And they were right. Today, the united cryptocurrency…

Blocknative introduces tools that help to monitor transactions that are to be confirmed on the mempool. The company has received over 12 million USD for further development of its products. In 2020 Blockcnative raised about $5 million for creating a transaction tracking service.
The main function of the initiative is to track the status of transactions that expect confirmation on the mempool. With the help of this system, other platforms will be able to monitor transactions that have not been transferred to users’ wallets. One of the key issues for crypto traders is that despite the mempool data is publicly available, users have no idea how to use it. According to Spencer Bogart, the company representative, many developers have already started to use Blocknative tools to control their projects.

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